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Jonathan's Art Dilemma No. 17: What are exhibitions for?

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

House of Terror

Continuing the theme of turning galleries inside out, Denise suggested The House of Terror in Budapest as an example. A museum, a civil monument documenting the disgusting treatment meted out by Hungarians on fellow Hungarians. Known as the House of Loyalty during the second war officials from the government tracked down Hungarian Jews, overseeing their internment in death camps.  After the defeat of the nazi backed regime the building became the HQ of the Hungarian communist secret police, the AVI. The torture continued until the fall of the Berlin wall.
The architects of the museum have designed the building so that photographs of those killed inside are shown on the outside walls. Conversely, on a wall in the exhibition there are pictures of those who carried out the atrocities. Some of whom still live in Budapest.

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