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Jonathan's Art Dilemma No. 17: What are exhibitions for?

Thursday, 30 September 2010

ExtInked in Salford (2009)

Solitary Bee (2009) extInked. The Ultimate Holding Company
My friend Chris had decided to have a tattoo. His first. On that same day I heard about a gallery in Salford that was looking for volunteers to be tattooed. They had commissioned designs of the different British flora and fauna that have become endangered species. Chris drove over to meet the people responsible, check the tattooist and choose an animal, bird insect, plant etc. One hundred people, one hundred species, one hundred designs. Everyone who was tattooed became an ‘ambassador’ for that particular rare breed as well as going home with a simple and unique design on their body. A fantastically succinct and pertinent idea, just wish I wasn’t so squeamish about needles.
One year later, whilst washing up, I had a sudden flash of memory and got Chris to show the result. A beautiful Solitary Bee.
Details, follow the extInked link (!) at the Ultimate Holding Company

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Millennium Walk

Bill Richardson
Linen Services Supervisor
Brighton Health Care NHS Trust
December 1999

Last week I was visiting the Maternity Unit in the hospital. It is on the 14th floor of a tower that has very wonderful views over the sea. I got the lift up, but there was a long queue to come back down. After a period of grumbly hanging around reluctantly I decided to try the stairs. A hidden delight. All the way down the stairwell  was a display of photographs of staff members and patients. Some going about their jobs, some displaying pieces of equipment, others in regular portrait poses. Below each were detailed descriptions of people roles that were clear and interesting. It took me an age to get down but I was gifted a very uplifting portrait of the hospital, and by association the National Health Service. 

Monday, 6 September 2010

Fabrica, Brighton September 2010

This pastiche of a Pierre et Gilles photograph was on the outside of Fabrica last weekend as part of wedding (civil partnership) celebrations. Unexpected and unexplained, it really got a lot of positive attention from shoppers, tourists and night time passers by. It is so bold, I even like the white frame. Pierre et Gilles pictures are so attractively done and look great on a drab grey church front. Instant positive vibe. 

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Whistles (2010)

I live in the town centre. Over the past few weeks subtle graffiti has blossomed on the pavements around my home. Very fine, almost screen printed images that advertise the new Whistles store. Whistles (2008/9 turnover £35.2m, loss £5.1m) are in the process of being remodeled by TV ‘Style Genius’ Jane Shepherdson (ex Topshop, Burton) in an attempt to return to profitability. They were one of the chain stores badly mangled in the recent banking crisis. According to the Guardian they want to leave their ‘yummy mummies’ image behind and appeal to ‘more fashion conscious shoppers’. This probably accounts for this print outside the gates of the local primary school. Link for the Guardian article here and Whistles website here. 
Note to self: look up whilst walking.