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Jonathan's Art Dilemma No. 17: What are exhibitions for?

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Critical Run. Liverpool Biennial 2010

Thierry Geoffroy
Thierry Geoffroy organizes Critical Run. Art debates for people who are jogging, or perhaps jogging for those whose mission is sitting around theorizing on art. Sadly I was the only other person to turn up for the discussion ‘Is It OKay to Use Artists As Vacuum Cleaners’. 
Too early Sunday morning. Liverpool. Chucking it down with rain. I had been drinking most of the night. Years of goalkeeping have ravaged my knees, causing problems walking at the best of times. Whilst I was explaining this Thierry kept hitting me on the arm, in a pally but provoking manner. Jiggling around on the spot, waiting for me to change my mind, he wasn’t willing to discuss the motion there in the shop, I wasn’t capable of running. Deadlock. He jogged off. Farewell Monsieur Courbet.
Thierry Geoffroy places Criticial Runs in large international exhibitions and biennials, they are to tone and develop the Awareness Muscle. He also franchises Emergency Rooms. Temporary sites, usually built within galleries where artists can create and exhibit contemporary art about current events. Work is replaced in a ceremony (The Passage) at 12.30pm daily. Ex-contemporary art is stored in the Delay Museum, to give people chance to look at this archive. A succinct solution that recognizes that the gallery system, and funding, take too much time, and that this delay diffuses the potency and potential of much art endeavor. Crucially, it is important energy lost. 
Every part of every town should have an Emergency Room. www.emergencyrooms.org

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