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Jonathan's Art Dilemma No. 17: What are exhibitions for?

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Whistles (2010)

I live in the town centre. Over the past few weeks subtle graffiti has blossomed on the pavements around my home. Very fine, almost screen printed images that advertise the new Whistles store. Whistles (2008/9 turnover £35.2m, loss £5.1m) are in the process of being remodeled by TV ‘Style Genius’ Jane Shepherdson (ex Topshop, Burton) in an attempt to return to profitability. They were one of the chain stores badly mangled in the recent banking crisis. According to the Guardian they want to leave their ‘yummy mummies’ image behind and appeal to ‘more fashion conscious shoppers’. This probably accounts for this print outside the gates of the local primary school. Link for the Guardian article here and Whistles website here. 
Note to self: look up whilst walking.

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